Perlan (What To See - Capital area)

Perlan (What To See - Capital area)
Perlan or the "pearl" is an impressive building resembling a pearl with its glass dome. The glass dome covering Perlan is built on six huge aluminum tanks able that were able to reserve 4 million litters of water at 85░C. The building sits on top of ÍskjuhlÝ­ hill which at the end of the ice age was a island as can be witnessed by lager boulders smoothed out by the ocean that can be found over 40 meters above current sea-level. Perlan hosts the "Wonders of Iceland" exhibition where you can for example experience a man made ice cave, 10 meter high bird cliff and a cinematic experience to name a few. Perlan also offers a cafÚ and bistro, where you sit under the glass dome and the floor slowly rotates so the view constantly changes. Visiting the viewing deck offers spectacular panoramic views of ReykjavÝk City. This is a perfect place to visit when you have a free day in Reykjavik.
A small forest surrounds Perlan with hiking trails great for short walks in a tranquil environment. You might even spot some wild rabbits living there.
Getting to Perlan takes about 20-40 minutes walking from downtown Reykjavik or 5-10 minutes by car.

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